[LMB] Would they have known?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 30 15:15:44 BST 2011

 I was glancing through some of the books again and a thought struck 
me (an unusual event, I know) - would Mark have been able to pass
as Miles on Barrayar?

Would he really have fooled them all?

He knew a lot - about the house, people, events - but mostly from
the outside. Galen didn't think Cordelia was important enough to
warrant much attention - how would Mark have responded to her?

He fooled them at the Embassy, but they hadn't seen much of 
Miles. He fooled Ivan, but it was only a few days, and it's easy
enough to go to bed early or late and not be awake when he's 

Would he have fooled Ivan for a longer period? When Ivan 
mentioned some childhood event? I don't know, but probably he'd pass Ivan's and the Embassy's regard long enough to get Ivan out of the way and then Mark heading back to Barrayar.
Would he pass muster with the Dendarii? I'd give that a fifty-
fifty chance. I'd guess that Bel would get suspicious first. And
Bel might think of a clone faster than some of the others.

But if he did pass with the Dendarii, and made it to Barrayar...
then what? I really don't think he'd fool Cordelia for long. And
the armsmen, who knew him as a child? Not to mention Aral, 
and Gregor. And Simon, of course - how long before he made
a slip that made Simon suspicious?

I think that if he did make it to Barrayar, then Cordelia would
pick the fake first, closely followed by Simon. And what a 
heartbreak - to find out that one of their sons had killed the
other. That sadness might almost kill Aral, but I don't think
Mark would have been able to carry out Galen's plot.

Any thoughts?



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