[LMB] more on uterine replicators

Mandos Mitchinson mandos at allowed.to
Thu Jun 30 19:36:42 BST 2011

> Vanishingly few birth defects or accidents.  And the maternal mortality
> and morbidity rate instantly drops to zero, guaranteed.  And the downside
> of this is what?

A few thoughts

1. The emotional connection of actually carrying the child may add to the
bonding process for many women. Not all would fit into this category but I
suspect it has statistical significance. 
2. A current as yet unproven theory postulates that the act of vaginal birth
reduces the likelihood of food allergies in the child, already having an
impact due to increased numbers of caesarean birth in the past few decades.
Presumably this could be corrected in children born by UR assuming there is
a chemical or genetic solution. 
3. The impact on the mothers mental maturity. Several women I know said that
when they were carrying their children their personalities changed
dramatically and their risk taking behavior dropped significantly. Driving
styles was a noted factor. If this is the case presumably this would not
occur with a UR birth and would that in turn lead to more mothers continuing
to engage in risky behaviors after the birth potentially resulting in a
small increase in the number of orphans or single parents. 

There is no denying on a purely physical level UR's would be fantastic, but
I think there are often hidden costs and risks that go well beyond the
pregnancy and birth. One of the things that always bugs me reading LMB's
novels is the constantly pushed propaganda that UR is somehow the perfect
technology and has no downsides at all, which I see as both incorrect and


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