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> I've heard some pretty scary stories of feral hogs. 

For a 60 second TV advert of a scary Wild Boar.


Toyota NZ have had over many years a wonderful series of TV adverts for their 
Utes. This is the latest.

In Australasian usage a "Ute" (short for utility) is a motor vehicle with the 
front end of a car and one or two rows of seats, and two or four side opening 
doors, and with a cargo bed behind the cabin, and which only needs a passenger 
car license to drive.

Wikipedia seems to think that Americans call this sort of vehicle 
either "Coupé utility" or pickup trucks and traybacks.

Anyway the current 
"Toyota NZ Hilux TV ad - Tougher Than You Can Imagine"
"Hold on to your steak and cheese [pie]..."

[I seem to recall a previous discussion of the Australasian concept of a meat 
pie held in a paper bag while being eaten, so I won't go there again]

The Ad features a very scary Hog (Boar) riding a Hog (as in a Harley Davidson 
style Motorcycle), with another talking animal in a sidecar.

I probably also need to explain the last line of the Ad.

"Hokey pokey (ice cream), iconic New Zealand flavour of ice cream."


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