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> The Tixie makes her entrance from stage left, followed by Sunny and  Lucky.
>  She is currently giving thanks to all the gods that Lucky is  growing up
> to be less of a hindrance and more of a helper.  Sunny shows his  usual
> calm
> good sense.
> "We are gathered here to wish a spectacular Happy Birthday to Paige Kalika,
>  who is 33 years old today.  We wish her to have all the good things to
> celebrate this day--good company, good food and drink, and lots of presents
> and  fun activities.  And cake, of course."

Thank you!  Good company, good food, good drink (okay, it was Diet Coke,
but I like it), presents and cake (husband-baked!) were enjoyed most
thoroughly.  Best of all is the delicious possibility of an Ivan-related
birthday present for me next year!


Paige Kalika

pkalika at gmail.com

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