[LMB] UK market e-question

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sat Nov 5 16:20:53 GMT 2011

[LMB] UK market e-question
John Hallam bujold at j.hallam.dk
Sat Nov 5 07:31:43 GMT 2011

LMB (top posting):  Just to clarify; it is my current understanding that 
only THE SPIRIT RING and the five novellas are available in the US 
Kindle store and the US iTunes/iPad store, plus B&N's Nook.  (As direct 
placements, that is.  HarperCollins has its e-books up, too.)

The whole of the Vorkosigan series is now available in the UK Kindle 
store (not that anyone in the UK has heard of me or my books) and also 
in the UK iTunes store.  (No Nook in the UK.)   The Euro/DE stores 
should have everything the UK stores have.

I'm trying to figure out how much territory the UK stores cover.

Here is all my stuff at the iPad store:


This page includes the audiobooks downloads, which are licensed through 
Blackstone and are not direct placements (but which have been selling 
briskly, in general).  This list doesn't divide by sales territory till 
one asks and is rebuffed, alas.

According to my most recent e-books royalty report, Amazon.de (Germany) 
has sold a handful (literally), so the stuff is apparently now available 
there.  I'm just trying to puzzle out what territories all these 
assorted legal markets comprise.

Between June and October, Nook to iPad sales went from a ratio of 3:1 to 
a ratio of 2:3, so iPad is growing.  Amazon is 6x either one, so far.  
All have been growing slowly but steadily, tho' Amazon shows signs of 
leveling out.  Sorta like a cockroach race, in very slow motion...

(Fictionwise continues to plod along steadily.)

Ta, L.

Martin recently wrote:

 > Michael, for you in the UK, I assume you can buy her UK editions from
 > amazon.co.uk.   Can you buy the same UK or USA editions from Amazon.com ?
 > If there are indeed two different (USA and UK) editions,
 > How do I tell them apart ?
 > Might there be just one edition in two different stores ?
 > On Amazon.co.uk
 > Borders of Infinity (3-novella collection - Vorkosigan Saga) by Lois 
 > File Size: 461 KB
 > Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
 > Language English
 > ASIN: B0062CKP2S

   On .co.uk I can also see:

   Borders of Infinity
   Format: Kindle Edition
   File Size: 225 KB
   Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
   Language English
   ASIN: B004W9C440

with five customer reviews, four saying it is the 3 novella plus
wrapper, one saying it's just the BoI story (which the reviewer liked
very much but felt a bit cheated by, since the other two novellas were
missing).  Without a Kindle I can't tell who's right but given the
shorter file length, I think the critical review is perhaps the
more accurate.

 > I didn't actually complete a purchase.

   Nor did I.  I was not allowed to try from Denmark on .co.uk, even
using my .co.uk account.

 > What about the German or Japanese or Canadian Amazon stores?

   On amazon.de, the search "bujold ebook" turns up 3 kindle books --
Cryoburn, TSK(4) and Paladin -- costing rather more than the UK price.
On trying to buy, I get the message:

   Ihr Kindle-Konto ist auf Amazon.com angemeldet. Kindle-Titel, die für
   Ihr Land verfügbar sind, erhalten Sie auf Amazon.com.

i.e. "No, go to .com".

   Cryoburn has five reviews on .de, ranging between 3 and 5 stars.  I
have no idea what they say.  It has 16 on .co.uk. also between 3 and 5

   Cryoburn has ASIN: B00514K032 on amazon.de and on amazon.co.uk.


     John H

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