[LMB] Seeing Relativity: Mind-bending tour of the solar system

Martin Bonham martin at bonham.net.nz
Wed Nov 16 00:51:03 GMT 2011

I don't recall seeing this New Scientist video clip mentioned here.
Some kind person posted the link over on Baen's Bar.

I considered marking it OT but decided it was on topic, as spacecraft in the 
wormhole nexus routinely travel at such real space speeds, and thus our 
fictional friends would see such visual distortions with uncorrected vision.

Do you think that the vision screens in Wormhole nexus spacecraft include image 
processing to 'correct' such relativistic distortions ?

"Seeing Relativity: Mind-bending tour of the solar system"


"What would it look like to tour the solar system at near-light speed? In this 
animation, created by physicist Paul Altin from the Australian National 
University, you can experience the weird effects predicted by Einstein's 
special theory of relativity as you fly by different planets. "


ps: Apologies to any deaf people on the list - the voice over is very helpful 
in explaining what was happening.

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