[LMB] title in French

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Wed Nov 16 19:53:45 GMT 2011

How about:

	A Civil War?

	Une Guerre Civile?


	A Domestic War

	La Guerre Domestiques


	Domestic Combat

	Combat Domestiques


	The War of Courtship  (or, is there a more colloquial French term?)

	La parade de la guerre du marriage

	Proposal of marriage as a war

	Proposal of mariage comme une guerre

Nuance is critical and only a French native speaker can tell when you get
the right nuance.

Me, I just had one year of H.S. French with a truly incompetent (but very
nice) teacher.

Who says you can't have a question mark in a title?  I also feel that the
title shouldn't be *too* far along the line toward romance as it'll be on
the SF shelf (if they discriminate that way in France).  You wouldn't want
to be too out of place on that shelf - would you?


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