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> From: Tel teldreaming at gmail.com
> So far as modern holidays go, most countries don't have anything as
> formalized as Thanksgiving either.

From Gwynne:
> Australia Day? Most nations seem to have some national or history-based
> celebration date. Doesn't the UK have Guy Fawkes day? I've never been
> there at that time so I'm a bit cloudy on it.

I have always thought of Easter as the Australian harvest festival - Australia Day being January 26 means it's smack-bang in the middle of summer and thus not an autumnal festival, but Easter is always after the equinox, the weather's cooled down (*far* down, sometimes) and the harvests generally have started coming in.  People get together for a big Easter dinner, there's lots of chocolate/feast foods, presents are often given to little ones... take away the religious connotations and it looks almost exactly like your bog-standard harvest festival to me.


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