[LMB] OT: Recipe help

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 15:19:51 GMT 2011

On 11/27/2011 8:49 AM, Kevin Kennedy wrote:
> I think a lot of computer controlled stuff is possible now. one can manage lights/temp/security arrangements from wherever you want to put the control panels. There's probably an app to do it from your phone by now. I wouldn't be surprised if you can hook up kitchen appliances o the system,  so you start the oven preheating for dnner while your on the way home and whatnot.
Junior husband does the more high end computer geekery professionally, 
and he says that home automation is well able to do what I want. I do 
not think I would want to program my kitchen appliances, but for room 
environmentals, home entertainment, intraroom communications and RFID it 
will work just fine.

We have pretty much figured out that we want to have building 
contractors put up the shell of the house, and the appropriate trades 
put in the electrical floor heating, the HVAC system, the wiring and 
plumbing, and we finish it. Having the house wired with enough damned 
power points will be miraculous. Our current house is an abomination of 
the worship of Bob Vilas at his worst. I honestly think the home 
inspector that vetted the place was being bribed by the house flipper 
that we bought it from because there is almost nothing that is actually 
up to code. The electrical system here would be adequate for a studio 
apartment, not a 2 bedroom house. It is not that you can not run 2 
appliances in the kitchen at the same time, the living room and the 
kitchen share a single circuit, just as both bedrooms and the bathroom 
share the same circuit ... The only thing I can say is that in all the 
walls we have made holes in for various purposes there is no post and 
wire here. Honestly, kerosene and a match would only improve the place. 
At one point we actually considered converting the barn and tearing down 
the house.

And my current project is seeing if you can flavor soy milk with maple 
syrup and get a decent tofu out of it. If not I only waste about 5 cents 
worth of soy beans.  I have plans for next summer that include modifying 
a Tony Bourdain mention of some malaysians cooking suckling pig by 
basting it with coconut water, I think maple sap might work in the same 
way. If not, only condensing it slightly instead of turning it all the 
way into syrup.

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