[LMB] AKICOTL - Venison recipe, help needed

Roberta Wright ravenenterprises at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 16:26:38 GMT 2011

>  Some of the best mincemeat I've ever had was made from venison.
>  Mincemeat is not customary in my country, and even though I
> would like to try it some day, other members of my family are,
> alas, not at all adventurous in regard of food. Especially the kids.
> I will have to find something closer to the accustomed meals
> around here. Game is prevailingly prepared in goulashy ways
> in Croatia.
> Natali
a lot of mincemeat these days doesnt actually have any meat in it.
it is simply a mixture of fruit and spices with some fat and sugar, and
sometimes laced with rum or brandy.
it can be made with any combination of fruits. as it is often used in pies
or tarts, it tends to be thicker.

when i was growing up, we would have big family get togethers for the
holidays, and we would bake and bring the pies. i loved the mincemeat pie,
but it was a bit strongly flavored for some.
one year we had an extra half jar of mincemeat left, so we mixed it with
other fruit pie fillings (blueberry if i remember) and it came out much
milder but very interesting and tastey.

so if the flavor of micemeat is too strong for your family, mix it with
some other fruit.

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