[LMB] Yippee! I caroled - NaNoWriMo

Pat Mathews mathews55 at msn.com
Sun Nov 27 22:13:31 GMT 2011

Hip, hip, HUZZAH!~

I need to go in the front room and sleep off my morning: those underperforming floor furnaces think 62 is a proper house temp. (Those Walmart thermometers may be off, too. The back room thermostat reads "Yup. It's really 70.") 

I wrestled with that for a while, eased it with a very hot bath (let the water stand till it's cold & warm up a bit, and emailed Carol that I'd never gripe about the coolness of Pacifica again! So - studying (paper due Tuesday Morning!!!) meant packing up Mister Wheeler and hauling myself down to Satellite Coffee & Study Hall for a nice cup of cocoa and a 4-bite dessert bar. Which session organized my thoughts enormously. 

Carol called a bit through my post-walk nap to wish me Happy T'day and to chat. Asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I reminded her of the rolling bookbag with water bottle pockets; she hadn't heard of that but was agreeable. Heard about her T'day (Caden had another asthma attack, poor little guy. Still getting over it.) But they had sunshine & were going cycling.

Anyhow - after lunch and I need to try again now that Shadow is asleep. What a logy, pointless day so far! Snore....


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> NaNoWriMo. Done. Squeezed in some of the final scenes _very_ briefly, and
> with a few (insert wedding night scene here) bits, but it's done. Bad
> guys-on their way to Australia, stuck with huge responsibilities, exiled to
> the countryside, or inveigled into a regiment going to India. Good
> guys-living happily ever after and a bit wealthier after speculating
> successfully on the failure of the wheat harvest. Oh, yes, and the happily
> wedded pair are now working their way through the more advanced section of
> the Little French Book. 
> Whew. (we won't discuss the hero's sister, aka the crack sniper of the
> regiment while disguised as a boy, except that her courtship by her former,
> now missing a foot, lieutenant will wait until the next book)
> Jean Lamb
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> lemon drops."
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