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Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Mon Nov 28 01:40:12 GMT 2011

I've gotten some nibbles on my fishline . . . the book recommendations I've
put in the signature block of e-mail I send out.

After a month or three of touting Lois, I've put in a recommendation for
Nathan Lowell as seen below.

I'd urge you all to do the same and encourage others to do so.  Even very
good, established authors need publicity and new readers.

This is also true of unpublished and self-published authors.  I'd strongly
recommend the mostly unpublished books by listee Scott Washburn.  He did
pretty well with his Vorkosigan fanfic "Tales From the Academy" about the
first female cadet and, when I contacted him to compliment him, he has ended
up sending me several other very good books.  I've greatly enjoyed them -
enough so, I sent money (for which he had not asked nor hinted)!

Scott writes better, IMHO, than the average of the carefully selected
professional writers whom I've read in recent years.  These **manuscripts**
are better edited than the average *published* book I've read in recent

In case you can't easily find his e-mail address in the forum archives, here
it is:
Scott Washburn <washburn at temple.edu> 

Across the Great Rift
	The first colonization attempts from the crowded, dictatorship
ridden "civilization" across the Great Rift to an emptier arm of the Galaxy

Earthmen Rising
	After alien conquest of Earth and Earth's colonies, Earth people
attempt to rise in rebellion.  Warning: this was written to be the first of
a series - a series for which there are no further books.  I think it stands
alone quite well and I'm glad I read it . . . but I *would* buy the sequels.

Fires of Memory
	Fantasy involving a world where magic is a main weapon as cultures
clash.  This was an excellent fantasy that pleased this
mild-aversion-to-fantasy reader.
	At Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/6qc8kv9 

The Terran Consensus
	The alien scoutship has been lurking for decades and it's about time
for the invasion of Earth to begin.  Have they waited too long?  Now that
Earth is starting its own space programs can they resist?

War Among the Ruins
	Aftermath of the galactic equivalent of an EMP attack.  Most parts
of the protagonists' obsolete spaceship did not have the technology that was
targeted.  They attempt to start the recovery.
	At Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/86sjt4z 

	First interstellar ship
	At Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/7pklmzv 

Ed Burkhead

Very good Science Fiction books about the space equivalent of the Merchant
Marine.  Novels from a veteran Merchant Marine officer and professor, Nathan
Lowell.  (And strangly, the first three books in the series don't even have
a "bad guy" or antagonist - yet they're very good stories.)
Quarter Share
Half Share
Full Share
Double Share
Captain's Share
Owner's Share
The first of these are available as print or e-books from Amazon, Barnes and
Noble, or Ridanpublishing.com.  iBooks and podiobooks.com have free
(contributions appreciated) audio versions available, narrated by the
author.  This is a very good, though not mainstream-published, author.

Other strongly recommended e-books (virtually all formats):
The Baen Books free library - all authors:
(This publisher offers these books for free as introductions to the authors'
works.  Many of these books are the first in a series.  They hope to sell
you the rest - based on the quality of the work.  And, Baen's e-book prices
are quite low, a good buy.  Recommended!)

(Just supporting good authors - it's sometimes hard for even established
authors to get "found" by new readers these days.) 

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