[LMB] No news to Ma Kosti, but - things I learned about pears this year. Yum!

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Mon Nov 28 12:30:25 GMT 2011

I have no idea what sort of pear, they're Backyard Tree Pears.


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> On Nov 26, 2011, at 11:07 AM, Pat Mathews wrote:
> > Yes, pears keep as well as apples, though you wouldn't know it to look at.
> So very true.
> > The brown spots on the skin are only skin-deep, no more important than 
> > freckles on a face.
> Likewise the russetting, on apples or pears.
> What variety of pear?
> As an adult, the first pear I ever ate, only a few years ago, was a Comice. I had to run for the sink--it was juicy as all get out, and free of grit cells, which had been what put me off pears (and especially canned Bartletts) in my childhood. Likewise, fresh figs are NOTHING like those old dried up (ancient?) ones I had to eat as a child--they were on a string, and imported. The filling in Newtons are much more moist. Fresh figs are joy blossoming in the mouth.
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