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>    When I lose three days, I don't catch up again for another six.
> I have noted that what I really have is not a full time job, but two
> part-time jobs: one part-time job writing novels, and one part-time job as a
> writer's secretary, bookkeeper, publicity manager, housekeeper, and travel
> manager.  It wouldn't take much of a shift for the career-maintenance to
> expand enough to swallow the writer whole.
Owning my own very small business I have noted the same thing.  I do a lot
of volunteer work teaching cave rescue and being involved in the National
Cave Rescue Commission, as well as other SAR activities, and when I am away
for a week teaching a seminar, even if my costs are covered, it costs me two
weeks of time since I have to make up the work I missed at home.  I'd do
more volunteer work if I could afford to.

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