[LMB] OT: Tolkien flaws

John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 14:01:27 BST 2011

John Lennard:
> and going later, no Erasmus = Moria being called something else

Tom: Why has that never occurred to me???  Now I suppose I'll have to go
back and reread it.  Woe is me.

John: No need for too much woe. AFAIK Tokien never did any serious work on
Erasmus, who would not have appealed especially to his kind of Catholicism,
and I don't think there's any deep correlations between *LotR* and the
*Encomium Moriae*. But once you triangulate the Latin meaning of 'moria'
(folly) with (i) the meme about the dwarves digging too deep in pursuit of
mithril and so waking Durin's Bane, and (ii) Aragorn's views about Gandalf's
desire/decision to take the road through Moria as unwise ... then I think
you do have one of those linguistically mediated moral observations that
turn up in *LotR* ; something like the use by hobbits of *math[o]m* (in OE
'treasure', and particularly the pelf a dragon guards) for the kind of
circulating white-elephant birthday presents that no-one really wants.

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