[LMB] Ivan needs a title

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Ivan's Fate
Ivan Uncovered
Ivan: Mate and Checkmate
Ivan, Unwilling/Reluctant Hero
Ivan, Surprised Hero
Ivan Quixote

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Idiots Love (make idiots possessive)

The idiot, the clown and intrigue.

The Lord earns a Lady.

Jeff Shultz
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> ... and if you need another on-topic discussion thread, you might try
> kicking around ideas for a title for _Ivan, His Booke_.
> I think I said before that the basic mode is romantic comedy plus added
> caper.  Transcriptions of most of the first chapter are on-line somewhere,
> lately linked.
> Yes, I know you all will be shooting blind, but who knows what that will
> trigger?
> Ta, L.
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