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Yet again, perhaps you aren't aware of the sources of the new draconian 
Massachusetts law regarding background investigation requirements for adults 
dealing with minors at school, sports, clubs, events, etc.

One of the lethal incidents in the past couple years was a teenager who 
moved here from Ireland, who was bullied to where she suicided--bullied by 
girls as least as badly as the boys.  She was sexually active with some of 
the latter, in part perhaps trying to be regarded as socially 
acceptable/desirable  Her family I think went to the school officials 
concerned about the bullying and her status in the school, but the school 
officials did nothing and brushed them off.

That was -one- of the cases.  The rest of the background, again, includes 
the decades of pernicious sexual abuse of children--primarily boys--by 
Catholic priests and the coverups and deprecation and dismissal and 
ostracization of any laiety who complained that their children were being 
exploited/molested/abused by priest, where church authorities, again, 
covered up the abuse and blocked government investigation of the crimes of 
statutory rape and other sexual abuse, and sexual abuse of boys and girls 
particularly by sports coaches.  And then too was a certain politician in 
his recent book, announcing that there had been an attempt by an older boy 
to molest him, when he was at a Christian summer camp....

IT WAS NOT ONLY GIRLS WHO WERE THE VICTIMS!  Most of the victims of the 
priests were boys, and many of the victims of the coaches were boys, and 
there were female school teachers involved with underage males, too.

The law, therefore, does NOT discriminate on the basis of gender, regarding 
getting certification of not being a sex offender, etc., to authorize the 
person to work with children....

Oh, and the infamous case of the Fells Acre daycare center a decade or more 
ago where there was sexual abuse charged, it wasn;t only the man in the 
family who worked there, but the mother, too, who went to jail convicted of 
sexual abuse and knowing accessory to sexual abuse of children.   Whether 
the abuse actually did occur, remain unclear, despite the convictions and 
jail time.  And that case, too, contributed to the current draconian law.

The bottom line is that the "suspicion falls on people of potential sexual 
abuser status" at least in Massachusetts goes to WOMEN along with men, 
though sexual abuse by women tends to be less common--not nonexistent, but 
less common--than by men, and the victims, again, include not only girls, 
but boys, and lying allegations could ALSO be from boys.... while it's less 
common that boys allege molestation when there isn;t any, social climate 
changes could very easily change that situation....

The sad reality of human nature is that if slimeball sorts see an exploitive 
opportunity, they'll take it.... claiming sexual abuse is a tactic that 
nasty divorce lawyers use in nasty divorce cases, claiming rape when it 
didn;t happen is a longstanding tactic of slimeballs, too...   and then 
there are questions about whether Lawrence of Arabia's claim to have been 
raped was factual or not.

Would Cavilo have committed sexual abuse if she felt like it?  Most of the 
villains and the ambiguous characters in Lois' work are male--Prince Serg, 
Vorrutyer, Bothari (he -was- a torturer and rapist...), the Ghem in Ethan of 
Athose, Baron Ryoval, Ethan's ex-partner..

In real life there are the Pamela Smarts of the world (teacher who had sex 
with male students, and persuaded one or more of them to murder her 
husband....) and Elizabeth Bathorys (she might not have sexually abused 
children, but she murdered girls and bathed in their blood...) and other 
female child predators... that there are apparently fewer of them, is 
perhaps a result of society training and outlook.... hmm, the traditions of 
abuse of young Japanese wives and of Indian wives by their mothers-in-law 
(Japan) and  the rest of the married into family (Indian bride burnings 
being one example, and the former practice of suttee in India having been 
another) and such, are perhaps related in some ways to child abuse--the 
similarities involve the young bride being powerless against the 
mother-in-law and her husband and his family, while minor children, the 
power imbalance as regards adults and people older than the minor child, 
also exists... there are pecking orders, and the victims almost invariably 
are lower in the social pecking order, than their abusers.

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At 07:04 PM 10/26/2011, anmar Caver wrote:
>On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 6:58 PM, Jeff Shultz <jeffshultz at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Nope. But it's been documented in the press that a guy can't even take
>> their
>> child to the park these days without being looked upon as a potential 
>> child
>> molester.
>> And innocent until proven guilty cuts nothing in public opinion.
>> So if adult males feel a bit put upon these days, there are reasons for 
>> it.
>> It sucks that a girl or a woman has to constantly be on guard against
>predators and risk ot be taken seriously if they try to report assault.  It
>sucks that there are some people who will use the hysteria to further their
>own ends against completely innocent men.  It sucks that there are lynch
>mobs agains some innocent men while true predators can go about their lives
>without being caught.
>We all face some things in life that suck and are completely unfair.
>Playing the "more victimized than thou" game is a losing proposition no
>matter who is doing it.

Nevertheless, wrong is wrong.

Regards, Pete
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