[LMB] slander as a theme in Bujold canon

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Quoting Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com>:

> Reiteration #136 of the he-said/she-said thread has reminded me of how
> often slander is a theme in my work.  Anyone want to try to count the
> ways?  Discuss?
> There are _reasons_ (fantasies of justice, anyone?) that I posited
> fast-penta...
> Groundsense, too, come to think.

Can't speak to the WGW, but here goes nothing.

In _Shards of Honor,_ Aral is dealing with the slander that he's "The  
Butcher of Komarr," and Cordelia has to deal with slanders that she's  
either been brainwashed by, or subverted by, the Barrayarans.

The overall story in _Borders of Infinity_ is about Miles having to  
explain, in depth, what he did on his assignments, to defuse the  
slander that he's been peculating.

Caz, in _The Curse of Chalion,_ is falsely accused of having been a  
rapist, on the strength of his lash-scarred back.

That should do for starters.

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