[LMB] slander as a theme in Bujold canon

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Aviation Week postulated that someone in the cockpit likely put entered a 
waypoint into the autopilot reversing the lattitude and longitude of the way 
point, and the flight path that resulted sent the plane too close to Soviet 
sphere airspace.

And the KAL 007's plane type, was a different size, shape, and model than 
any alleged spy planes....  sort of like blowing up a cruise ship claiming 
it was a destroyer....

The Soviets were trying to cover their asses and save face, and shot the 
plane down as it was -leaving- the disputed airspace apparently...

But the thing about no-fly zones is that anything flying through them, 
becomes a target, de facto.  There were warnings in the air charts for that 
area which basically said "Stay out, if you trespass into this area, there 
are active air detection and tracking radar, you will be targeted, and you 
likely will be shot at with the intent to fatally blow you out of the air ." 
I forget what the exact notations were, but there were three warnings, and 
the last one was -dire-...

Meanwhile, getting back on topic, I wonder what direction Lois's work will 
go in after she wrestles her current one into quite literal submission.... 
and I wonder how the title search has gone....   I still think it would be 
entertaining for Lois to write something Spicy  of novella or shorter 
lengthunder a pseudonym  for the spicy/erotica SF online market....  there;s 
a large demand in that area for m/m SF/F apparently, and multiple 

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> On 10/28/2011 11:30 AM, Tony Zbaraschuk wrote:
>> On a large scale, there are all those tales of Lakewalker necromancy.
>> Sourced in some truth, no doubt, and yet on a large scale proving a 
>> danger
>> and a hindrance to their work. How do you refute what everyone knows? 
>> Tony Z
> And we actually see such a what-everyone-knows "truth" coming into
> existence with the metal pots along the river in the Wide Green World 
> (Barr
> was _joking_).
> More ominously, people in the real world have found out that if you keep
> repeating lies, they eventually become what everyone knows, with the
> subsequent problem of how to refute them.
I think the "pot head" problem comes under the heading of "Misinformation
from Authority."

As for repeated lies.... how many people really think that KAL Flight 007
was actually a spy plane? The Soviets repeated that one enough times that
people began to believe it. After all, why would they keep saying it if it
wasn't true?

Other examples that come immediately to mind would delve into US Politics,
but I'm sure you can think of them. 

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