[LMB] "There's a Bimbo on the Cover of the Book" goes back THAT far?

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> Yes, it goes back all the way to the pulp magazine era, which often had 
> bug-eyed monsters threatening scantily women.  I don't know when the first 
> barbarian in fur jockstrap sort of cover showed up....

Thinking about it, I'd be surprised if it didn't turn up about the same time. Back in the 50's-60's, there was a series on the radio called Round the Horne. (Bear with me, I have a point, it just does not need illustration as a team of 8th-century illuminators.) Now, in that series they had a regular set of characters; two of which were Julian and his "friend" Sandy. And yes, those quotation marks are there for a reason; anyone listening today knows exactly what was being driven at/talked around with those two. And for a while, I was asking myself this: How were they  getting away with it? It was explained to me a while ago by a friend who remembered them when they were first on. At the time, people didn't talk about That Kind Of Thing (his emphasis, not mine) and so most people didn't know what they were on about. And if you DID know, then you Knew Too Much and didn't explain it.

So you could likely get away with it for the same kind of reasoning...



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