[LMB] "There's a Bimbo on the Cover of the Book" goes back THAT far?

Jane Starr jane at starchak.ca
Fri Sep 2 15:26:56 BST 2011

Quoting Carol Cooper <carolcooper at shaw.ca>:
> Not sure I buy that about Julian and his friend Sandy - it was Kenneth
> Williams doing Julian, for goodness sake.  Was anybody ever naïve enough not
> to know there was something a little 'queer' about him?  You could get away
> with an awful lot of innuendo, but if you'd spelled it out it wouldn't have
> been tolerated.  Kenneth Williams' whole career revolved around innuendo -
> and much of it not too subtle.  It's amazing how well Around the Horne has
> stood the test of time - my kids still find it hilarious.

My brother-in-law once gave Older Son some home-made cds of complete  
sets of The Goon Show and Round the Horne (I did not ask the source of  
them - probably off the Internet someplace). The Goons were a huge hit  
with the kid (he still listens to them years later), but Round the  
Horne not so much. My husband and I eventually appropriated those - WE  
loved them. We borrow the Goons off him once in a while too. Love 'em.


Jane Starr
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