[LMB] OT: some *good* cat news

Pat Mathews mathews55 at msn.com
Sun Sep 4 14:39:32 BST 2011

Someone posted a link to a cute little anime video called "She and her cat." There are 4 seasonal segments, and in the Summer one, "her cat" has a kitten friend who has been proposing marriage to him. He tries to explain that he has an adult lover, and come back when she is older. Total Japanese cuteness! 

(Speaking of which, Spot is sprawled all over the computer desk and tried to put his head on my mousing hand. And he's an older cat!)


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> She is a gorgeous kitten.
> And like most kittens, she's bound to be insane and hyperactive.  If kittens
> weren't so cute ...
> The cat sitter who watched my 3 cats is trying to foist a kitten off on me,
> but I'm too old for the insanity.
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