[LMB] OT: some *good* cat news

Jane Starr jane at starchak.ca
Sun Sep 4 16:16:01 BST 2011

Quoting Claire Nollet <cnollet at gmail.com>:

> She is a gorgeous kitten.
> And like most kittens, she's bound to be insane and hyperactive.  If kittens
> weren't so cute ...

Yes, she is very active. And I didn't notice how badly my house needed  
vacuuming until I was down on the floor with her.

> The cat sitter who watched my 3 cats is trying to foist a kitten off on me,
> but I'm too old for the insanity.

I think Amy and the other kitten I don't have yet but need to get very  
soon to keep her company while we're at work will be my last kittens.  
After these two, if we decide to have more cats, we will adopt older  
adults. I adore kittens, but if these live as long as the last two  
cats I may not outlive another set.


Jane Starr
"Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs"--Dead Dog Caf? Comedy Hour

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