[LMB] OT: some *good* cat news

Alexandra Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Mon Sep 5 01:11:13 BST 2011

--- On Sat, 9/3/11, Jane Starr <jane at starchak.ca> wrote:
> Well, I broke down. Kitten #1, who
> seems to be named Amy (or possibly Amelia or Pond), is now
> in residence. She's a feisty little brown torbie, 9 weeks
> old.  Photo here:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/53439980@N03/6110406670/

A very pretty sweetheart!

Yesterday we visited a friend who has recently adopted two new kittens,

It didn't seem at all odd to us to lie on the floor by the guest bed and 
see them underneath by flashlight.

I guess if you like cats...

Alex H

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