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My kids send belated thank yous for the birthday wishes.  (July and August have been very hectic months, things should calm down by the end of September.)  They each got to celebrate their birthdays 3 times; it's amazing to me that they're not spoiled rotten. 

The first was early because the grandparents - not the kids, mind you - were too eager to wait to give birthday gifts.  The second was while my side of the family was on vacation, so the aunt, uncle, and cousins could be in on the deal.  The third will be with classmates, after school starts.  Ooof!  


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> The Antipodean Deputy Tixie and her escort appear. For some
> reason small dog and even smaller dog are carrying balloons
> as well as Tixie dust.
> Today is the 1st of August and we are here to celebrate
> Nicky Selin-Williams' 3rd birthday. Nicky is Harimad's
> daughter of course. 
> We all hope that Nicky is having a wonderful time today, I
> am sure that there is cake and presents and lots of fun
> going on. Small dog and even smaller dog are ready to
> volunteer to pick up any scraps of cake that might be
> missed. 
> Small dog does a perfect pirouette and sends the Tixie dust
> on its way. Even smaller dog releases the balloons to follow
> on behin. Happy birthday Nicky.
> As the ADBT and her escort disappear she can be heard
> telling them that we have a lot of birthdays this month so
> they have to make sure they are on their best behaviour for
> the whole month. 
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