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Ops definitely means Operations.  The question is, what does operations mean?  It could be logistics - which are damn important in a modern military.  It's said that good leaders worry about tactics, great ones about logistics - for example, Gen Eisenhower organizing D-Day.

Ops could also mean more active operations, such as spy ops or counterspy ops.  Using Eisenhower again, the many levels of operation to deceive the Nazis about where the D-Day invasion was going to happen.  

(This had two main thrusts.[1]  One was the fact that every single spy Hitler thought he had in Britain, was actually controlled by Britain; this was called the XX or Double Cross system.  The Allies fed Hitler false invasion information through this network (including info fed after D-Day started, to make Hitler think Normandy was a feint).  The other was all the fake materiel created to fool Hitler's observers, aerial fly-overs, etc.  Both were massive logistical as well as operational undertakings.

- Harimad

[1] Reasonable people can - and probably will - disagree about how many main thrusts there were in the D-Day deception operation(s).  To my mind these two are the most important.

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> Ops=Operations=Planning things. 
> All the boring numbers-crunching and
> war-gaming that has to be done in a modern military to keep
> things running
> smoothly, make sure all units are where they are needed
> most with the most
> effective orders, with the people and materiel they
> need.  Think of it
> kind of like the Pentagon.
> Beatrice Otter
> > We all know that Ivan is in Ops.
> >
> > Just as a matter of interest, what does Ops actually
> do?
> >
> > Gwynne
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