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In modern militaries Operations (G3) has the following function: 

The operations office, which may include plans and training. The operations office plans and coordinates operations, and all things necessary to enable the formation to operate and accomplish its mission. In most units, the operations office is the largest of the staff sections and considered the most important. All aspects of sustaining the unit's operations, planning future operations, and additionally planning and executing all unit training, fall under the responsibility of operations. The operations office is also tasked with keeping track of the weekly training schedules. In most military units (i.e.battalion, regiment and brigade), the operations officer, carries the same rank as the executive officer (XO), but would obviously rank third in the unit's chain of command. 

I get the impression that Ivan's duty at Ops in Vorbarr Sultana involves operations at a much higher level of command. This would involve training and planning for the entire Barrayaran military. And since it is a single-service military, this would include the fleet as well as ground forces. 

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