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Logistics ain't Operations, IMHO.  Ops includes getting combat arms to the place where they are needed and using them to kill people and break things.  Logistics means supplying them, of course, as needed.  Spy/counterspy is Special Ops or Covert Ops.

The main reason Hitler didn't think the invasion would be in Normandy was the use of Patton to organize a complete fake attack directly across the channel, at Calais, I believe.  All the staffing for that operation was in place, and sending messages to non-existent troops.  That's one of the reasons that Patton wasn't part of the actual invasion; he stood up US Third Army later, once the invasion was obviously Normandy.

At 10:41 AM 9/5/2011, Harimad wrote:
>Ops definitely means Operations.  The question is, what does operations mean?  It could be logistics - which are damn important in a modern military.  It's said that good leaders worry about tactics, great ones about logistics - for example, Gen Eisenhower organizing D-Day.
>Ops could also mean more active operations, such as spy ops or counterspy ops.  Using Eisenhower again, the many levels of operation to deceive the Nazis about where the D-Day invasion was going to happen.  
>(This had two main thrusts.[1]  One was the fact that every single spy Hitler thought he had in Britain, was actually controlled by Britain; this was called the XX or Double Cross system.  The Allies fed Hitler false invasion information through this network (including info fed after D-Day started, to make Hitler think Normandy was a feint).  The other was all the fake materiel created to fool Hitler's observers, aerial fly-overs, etc.  Both were massive logistical as well as operational undertakings.
>- Harimad
>[1] Reasonable people can - and probably will - disagree about how many main thrusts there were in the D-Day deception operation(s).  To my mind these two are the most important.
>--- On Wed, 7/13/11, beatrice_otter at haugensgalleri.com <beatrice_otter at haugensgalleri.com> wrote:
>> Ops=Operations=Planning things. 
>> All the boring numbers-crunching and
>> war-gaming that has to be done in a modern military to keep
>> things running
>> smoothly, make sure all units are where they are needed
>> most with the most
>> effective orders, with the people and materiel they
>> need.  Think of it
>> kind of like the Pentagon.
>> Beatrice Otter
>> > We all know that Ivan is in Ops.
>> >
>> > Just as a matter of interest, what does Ops actually
>> do?
>> >
>> > Gwynne

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