[LMB] OT: Any US list member awake and on-line?

Claire Nollet cnollet at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 03:53:52 BST 2011

> [LMB] OT: Any US list member awake and on-line?
> > From: "James M. BRYANT G4CLF"<james at jbryant.eu>
> >
> > 07:24 EST 5-Sep-11
> >
> > If so please email me - I should be grateful
> > if someone located in the USA could check a
> > website for me to see if it works for them.
> > www.frys.com
> >
> > They are a major electronics supplier and I
> > have been unable to access their website for
> > over a month.

Hey, James -- I called up Frys, because I was bored and had nothing better
to do, and my cell phone doesn't charge extra for long distance calls.  As
far as their IS department knows, there's no problem with international log
ons, but they were going to pass it on to see if they can dig up a problem.

Their website still has a FAQ section for international customers, so
presumably they still want your business.  I told them you had not been able
to log on for a month.  So, they're looking into it.  Presumably, if there
is a problem, it'll be resolved this week.  The chick in the customer
service department said they were grateful to know there was a problem.

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