[LMB] *sigh* what can measure up?

Jacki Knight jacki at knightech.com.au
Tue Sep 6 14:12:15 BST 2011

I'm just trying to catch up on listmail (only another 3860 to go) but  
it appears I'm missing about 11 days worth of messages (8/9th June to  
19th June).

So have I missed the release of the much awaited ACC Companion?

If that's the case, could someone please send me a link?


Jacki in Canberra

On 23/06/2011, at 11:18 AM, Becca wrote:

> So I gobbled down ACCC, which meant that i had to re-read Komarr and  
> ACC, which took me through Winterfare Gifts, Diplomatic Immunity,  
> and Cryoburn. Then I had to go back and re-read Memory, which meant  
> I had to re-read Mirror Dance.  (Poor Mark! I'm glad he set his  
> sights higher than just to be an ImpSec analyst - in addition to an  
> Ivan book, I'd love a Mark book.)
> and now... what can I read next? I've done Challion and Wide Green  
> World too recently for a re-read, but - damn! I've got Lois's  
> exquisite style in my head now, and nothing seems to measure up.
> I think it's either Pratchett or non-fiction, to re-set my internal  
> voice so I can finally, maybe, do Ghost Ship (a Liaden book) justice.
> -becca
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