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> On the news program this morning, they did a bit on hunting in Colorado, featuring the statement "Alligator wrestling is not a thinking man's sport".  Something I may have figured out by junior high.  It did inspire a thought, though.  Should we desperately need something to consider/talk about while waiting for The Next Book,  we could think of candidates for the The Thinking Person's Sport.

Certain types of equestrian competition are very much a thinking
person's sport.  But there's also a big component of "feel" because,
after all, you are working with another being who is very sensitive to
moods and is still, in its not-very-large brain, a prey animal.  (A
vet friend says to think of horses as half-ton rabbits.)

At its best, in riding the horse seems to be doing all the work and it
looks like the rider is "just sitting there" but I can tell you, the
rider is mentally and physically doing a lot to get that level of
cooperation from the horse.

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