[LMB] OT: Thought for the day.

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Tue Sep 6 17:18:40 BST 2011

At 11:50 PM 9/6/2011, Walter Bushell wrote:

>On Sep 6, 2011, at 12:46 AM, I wrote:
> > At 02:10 PM 9/6/2011, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> >
> >> What is the difference between a sport and a game?
> >
> > Rankings?
> >
>Sport involves major physical activity games do not. American or 
>world football is a sport, Monopoly or Chess are not.

There are two problems with this: a pick-up game in a park or back 
yard is still a game, even though the activity level is nearly as 
high, and how do you define "Major"
Does Archery qualify?

All of these are undoubtedly sports, but tend to allow participants, 
even at international level, to participate without working up a sweat.
On the other side of things, Competition dancing is not generally 
considered a sport, but both physical activity level, and physical 
hazard are right up there.

Then there is golf.


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