[LMB] some *good* cat news

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 7 01:26:44 BST 2011

On 8/31/2011 1:32 AM, Carol Cooper wrote:
> Carol
> Also sharing her home with a new kitten, Chloe.  Thankfully not because of
> losing a cat.  My old girl, Prudence, is still going strong at 15, but is
> not exactly thrilled with having a kitten bouncing all over her.
My furrbutt is 13 years old, so we are thinking of getting another cat 
sometime in the next few years. I am one of the rare people who dislikes 
kittens, but prefers older cats. Makes it nice for some older moggie at 
the animal rescue places.

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