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On Sep 6, 2011, at 5:58 PM, jane at starchak.ca wrote:
> On Tue, 06 Sep 2011 17:45:27 -0700, A. Marina Fournier wrote:
>> I don't grok gambling at all--the part of my brain that might handle
>> that sort of thing is missing. Don't understand the lure, don't get it
>> ATall, hated the "Casino Night" parties I was supposed to go to,
>> because it was one big bore.
> Nor I. Spent a week in Las Vegas, had a great time and didn't put a penny in any machine or play any game. Never liked card games anyway, except solitaire. And don't get me started on casino night parties. Everyone else seems to think they're so much fun and I just don't get it.

Did you feel like an atheist looking at all the art in the Vatican? That's my reaction there.

What I wanted to do in LVNV was to have a drink at Quark's Bar (closed), get patisserie at the French hotel (Paris, France?)(too late, they were closing), maybe go to the big mall a friend mentioned (fat chance), see the fountains, shops & horticultural display at the Bellagio, see some Cirque de Soleil shows (saw O, which was amazing, and then their "sexy" show, which was lame by SF Bay standards), and the Arlin Robbins sculptures at the Mirage (got within a block before my companions decided we had to head back to the hotel). I got blisters from even shoes that allegedly fit (that was the year the monorail whatsit was down for repairs), we were there during CES (hour wait for cabs), contact dermatitis from something in the rather rough sheets, and leg cramps from trying to keep up with my long-legged companions (6'6" to 5'10"--I'm 5'1" with shorter than average legs), and felt like I should have stayed home since I wanted to do different things and couldn't do some things my taller companions could, like get on a tall barstool without falling off in the process. They had each been to LVNV before, but I hadn't. 

Did get to an adult movie trade show...but that's not a story for this list.

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