[LMB] OT: Thought for the day.

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 7 09:48:54 BST 2011

On 9/6/2011 9:36 PM, Meg Justus wrote:
> The only real reason to fly to Las Vegas is because it's convenient to 
> Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Grand Canyon National Parks.  Also Cedar 
> Breaks National Monument.  And not much farther from Capitol Reef, 
> Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, and Arches National Parks.
> Gambling?  Really?  With all those riches?  What a waste.
I tend to agree. I am actually very proficient at baccarat, 21 and 
several forms of poker, I used to make spare cash gambling at family 
reunions and in college. I just see no allure in gambling, I have better 
things to waste money on if I have spare cash [books are never wasted 
money, I refer to MMORPGs, gaming items in general - I just found a set 
of steampunk gaming dice online I drool over, and occasional art - I saw 
the absolutely cutest little My Lil Cyberman Pony bash that I would love 
to own.]

It is also the mindset of gamblers that annoys me. Once about 10 years 
ago, my Mom in law Jane and bro in law Pat visited, and we went to 
Mohegan Sun [mainly for fudz, they have very excellent nommage there.] 
Rob and I each had $50 that we were willing to waste, so the 4 of us 
stopped off at a 21 table. I was happily playing along, and pretty much 
ignoring the classical 'official rules' and was doing crap like drawing 
even if I had over 15, not splitting doubles and so forth. This butthead 
in the classic gambler mode of polyester suit and gaudy nugget jewelry, 
and a rolex[or perhaps rolox...] was getting more and more peeved with 
me, and finally broke down when I told him outright when he was snarking 
at me that I brought only the amount of money I was willing to lose and 
was having fun playing the way I was playing. He bitched that he 
couldn't play at the same table as a loser, and grabbed all his stuff 
and stomped off. It didn't apparently matter that I hadn't lost a single 
hand in almost an hour, and ended up a couple hundred up... Dude needed 
to mellow out.

I would much prefer to sightsee, catch a show and enjoy good food and 
company, gambling is boring, the people tend to be jackasses or 
desperately trying to win their rent money back. I guess I would 
consider going to a con, mainly for the people and conviviality and not 
because of it being in a casino.

[I think the next trip we are going to see Boulder Dam, Robs grandfather 
was a high scaler on that project ... as he said "Hoover didn't have 
jack shit to do with it" and refused to call it Hoover Dam ; ) ]

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