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Wed Sep 7 18:38:54 BST 2011

The Tixie enters stage left, followed by the two cats, who are  squabbling 
over which of them is going to carry the Tixie Dust.  Lucky (the  kitten) 
loses, as the bag is bigger than he is and Sunny refuses to give it up  to be 
spilled when (not if) Lucky drops it.
    "Today we are gathered to send Birthday  wishes to BECCA  PRICE on her 
61st Birthday. . ." the Deputy Tixie  begins.
    "I think I'll go visit her an' play wif' her  cats an' dogs," announces 
Lucky.  Sunny rolls his eyes without  replying.
    "I think you ought to wait to be invited," replies  the Deputy Tixie. 
"You don't know her cats, and she may be too busy to bother  with you."
    "She won't have to bother wif' me!" Lucky says  indignantly.  "I'm a 
big cat, I can take care of myself!"
    "Oh?  What about the time you fell  in  the dog's water pail?  And got 
in trouble for bothering Sunny?  And  chased a squirrel until it turned 
around and chased you..."
    "Well, that was ages ago, at least a week," replies  Lucky.  I'm all 
growed up now."
    "Those squirrels are still bigger than you  are.  No visiting until 
you're a little older," says the Tixie.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  BECCA!!!  We all wish you the best one ever,  with lots 
of presents (mostly books), good food and drink, and your favorite  people 
for company.  And cake, of course!

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