Becca becca_price at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 19:08:08 BST 2011

Thank you so much, Birthday Tixie!

The dog died in March (of advanced old age, 3+ years past his breed's usual life time, so I guess he was entitled)

The Boys (Oliver and Eliot)(about 18 months old now, so not really kittens anymore) would love to play with your cats.  Oliver has this thing for my son's socks (even the clean ones) and brings them to my door if David hasn't put his laundry away over night.  Eliot likes playing fetch with a pipe cleaner or ramune caps, when he's not stuffing them in daughter Tori's shoes.  If these seem like activities Lucky would enjoy, he's more than welcome over!   I promise to keep him away from the squirrels and raccoons.  Play dates have to be inside, though - we've spotted a coyote in our back yard, and am keeping The Boys as inside cats for awhile.

Tori left me a note before school today, saying that she would make my favorite raspberry/chocolate torte while I was in class, if I'd only go buy the ingredients.  Yum!

Thanks, again for birthday wishes.



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