[LMB] Barrayaran Ranks sidenote on Barrayar wet navy

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> Particularly when you consider that Barrayar doesn't seem to have had much
> of a navy (if they had one at all) prior to becoming a galactic power and
> needing to come up with a space navy.  All the historical soldiers we hear
> of were ground soldiers, mostly cavalry, and the only water boats we hear
> of are private sporting vessels on lakes.

IIRC there was a bit of river combat.


> I assume they had some kind of Navy because I can't see Barrayarans
> ignoring a possible place they could fight.  I assume they had ships
> because they had a coastline (Aral remembers going there as a child) and
> it's a lot easier to ship things over water than over land.  They almost
> certainly had barges/shallow draft boats for rivers and lakes and such, as
> well, and those can have naval action.

*inferential mutterings warning* What they didn't have, given their
planetary situation, was fishing boats. And without fishing as an
industry, you lose a lot of your experienced seamen you can press into
fighting wars for you. There may also have been material constraints
if native plants weren't good for boatbuilding. Barges, yes, sight of
land stuff, yes, I doubt they were good at seafaring or had serious
oceangoing ships. They're all on one continent, there's no promise of
terraformed new land out there, the centers of power seem to be
inland, and there's little to no ability for ships to 'live off the
land' if blown off course.


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