[LMB] Barrayaran Ranks and The problem of being related to Miles

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On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 3:21 PM, Peter Granzeau <pgranzeau at cox.net> wrote:

> I hate these lists of ranksbut: how about using this one, instead?
> Army                            Navy
> Sous-Lieutenant                 Ensiegne de Vaisseau de 2eme classe
> Lieutenant                      Ensiegne de Vaisseau de 1ere classe
> Capitaine                       Lieutenant de Vaisseau
> Commandant                      Capitaine de Corvette
> Lieutenant-Colonel              Capitaine de Fregate
> Colonel                         Capitaine de Vaisseau
> Notice that the French naval ranks go from Ensign to Lieutenant to Captain.

Also, the Barrayarans may well be like the Canadians... using very
different names for the same ranks in the different languages. In
fact, I expect this is so and that posting matters a lot too. I
suspect someone with "blue tabs" could be a (Lieutenant?) Commander on
a large ship as well as Captain of his own small ship. Interestingly,
we've only seen the Commander rank used for people who are second in
command of a warship (aside Illyan, who was "Captain" Negri's 2nd in
command, and Evon, whose job description is unknown).  The way Gottyan
and Vorkalloner pretty instantly move up is suggestive.


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