[LMB] OT: Couchhopping

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 8 02:24:33 BST 2011

All I can offer is positive thinking.
> Thanks to my 2 roomies breaking the lease, I got evicted from my apartment,
> and am currently couch-hopping around Boston. Most of my stuff made it into
> storage, but I'm wondering if anyone would accept my request (kneeling in
> begging/praying pose) to let me "visit" until I find a new place in October,
> as I don't have the currency w/which to pay 1st/last/security, and am
> looking for something that I can afford via the Community Action Agency of
> Somerville (CAAS), who contacted *another* agency & will pay the above
> needs.
> I also no longer work for Borders, so am also looking for a new job.
> Definitely looking to get *out* of retail!
> Ginnilee P Berger
> Lady Lavender of Teal


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