[LMB] OT: Thought for the day

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 8 19:36:53 BST 2011

A. Marina Fournier wrote
> > A. Marina Fournier wrote
> >>
> >> Did you feel like an atheist looking at all the art in the Vatican?
> That's
> >> my reaction there.
> >>
> As a recovering Catholic, many of the glorifications of the torture
> endured by the saints turns my stomach. 

That's pretty much what I meant by the 'over the top' stuff!  I so agree!

Big snip
> > We're performing Adams's 'On the Transmigration of Souls' - a memorial
> to
> > the 911 victims - the next couple of nights.  I don't know anyone who
> was
> > involved that day, but this work has a heck of an emotional impact.
> Can you point me to this work?

Couldn't find a really good You-tube video, as the work is too long, and all
the clips seem to cut off before the bits which I feel pack the big
emotional punch.  The latter part has little disconnected snippets of quotes
from relatives musing on their loved ones - 'The mother says - 'He used to
call me - he used to call me every day - I'm still waiting.......'  The
lover says 'It will be three months - three months - since I say your
beautiful face....'  and so on.  The repetition of the phrases in the
context can just tear your heart out.

This clip will give you some idea, though - it's really modern, dissonant
music, which isn't particularly my thing, and it's fiendishly difficult to
perform, but despite all that it still affects me.  We had our dress
rehearsal last night, and we're just about there.  When we know we're doing
a really challenging piece where we think we're maybe a tad under-rehearsed,
the 'in' joke is to reassure each other that 'we mustn't peak too soon -
save the best for the performance!'



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