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From: "James M. BRYANT G4CLF" <james at jbryant.eu>
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I am writing an article on a fairly technical
topic (power supply decoupling for analog ICs)
and want to make the point that for some walls
or fences it is important that they keep some
things in and other things out.

I am looking for an amusing illustration of
the principle - the best I have come up with
is monkeys and visitors at a zoo, but I'm
sure there's something better. Any ideas?
The idea is that I'll commission a cartoon
to make the point.

James the baffled

When I was in the Army 1970-1972, for a time I was, as an extra duty, Motor Officer of our battalion
and  Assistant S-4  -- that's logistics -- for our parent unit.  In 1972, the Red Brigades and other terrorist
groups were very active in Germany, and somebody decided all our vehicles should be parked 
together, right in front of the headquarters building, in a secure motor pool.  (Yeah, I know, Pearl Harbor,
the Philippines, and all that.)   

Under the Status of Forces Agreement, all construction work for the US Army had to be done by Germans, 
so the S-4 had to let out bids for the motor pool to German construction companies.  Which he did.  The
German construction company which won the bid built a suitable chain-link topped with barbed-wire enclosure,
And the S-4 went out to inspect  it.  

He took one look at it, and told the German construction company rep they'd have to do it all over again.

"Herr Major," the German said, "my company has been building military fences like this for over 40 years!"
We know how to build them!"

"I'm sure you have," the S-4 replied, "but this fence is supposed to keep people out, not in.  You made the posts
slant inward.   Do it over with the posts slanting out!"

True story.

Mitch Miller

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