[LMB] OT: verging on forbidden territory: GOP attitudes about science

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Fri Sep 9 07:48:44 BST 2011

On Sep 8, 2011, at 10:14 PM, William A Wenrich wrote:
> I'm personally insulted with the way this subject is usually presented. I am
> a registered Republican. I believe that global temperatures rose between
> 1850 and 1998. I am not certain that this is solely due to the burning of
> fossil fuels.

I am sorry if you were insulted or otherwise hurt by anything I said or forwarded--I am sorry for my part in it. I acknowledge that you feel insulted in general about being grouped with unthinking persons by reason of your political beliefs, and if anything insulted you directly in the original post, because of my actions, I really do apologize, and do my best never to do anything like it again.

While I am certain that climate change is occurring, I too am unsure how much of it may be due to the burning of fossil fuels, or any other actions by humans. I'm not sure we have a valid way to examine climate cycling before human civilization/use of fossil fuels, and cycling since then, WRT to humanity's affect on it. However, I do believe we should clean up what messes we know we have made, in the very least, and clean up our global act, recognizing that fossil fuels will not last forever.

> As to evolution, I'm not sure that pure random chance can explain the world
> in all its complexity. I am well aware that I can be wrong. This is a
> difference between me and some others worship "science." (Scare quotes
> intentional.)

There have been a couple of Pagan lists I've been on where the use of "scientism" as a religious philosophy vs. Biblical or other spiritual practices? authority? was argued into the central core of the earth...and I got tired of the argument and left. There were also arguments about how we *should* manage and spend our money, and I walked away from that list as well.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were something other than "pure random chance" involved in the Universe as we think we know it, even if it were a master Clockmaker. I believe that religion and science explain different things, sometimes the same thing in different ways. For instance, some studies that show there are specific parts of the brain that deal with spirituality/spiritual experience/experience of Deity. I do NOT subscribe to the possible conclusion that these aspects of us and our world are simply random signals from a specific part of our brains. I see no cause and effect, only coincidence.

This last paragraph got me started down a path questioning the nature of spiritual experience, and whether it can be distinguished from delusional thinking. I took that essay to more appropriate lists.

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