[LMB] OT: verging on forbidden territory: GOP attitudes about science

Agnes Charrel-Berthillier agnes at charrel.net
Sat Sep 10 16:36:42 BST 2011

On 9/9/11 2:20 PM, phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu wrote:
> "staging by aliens" is falsified, if you're talking about ancient
> pre-programs in the genes like in bad SF.

I wouldn't call The Hitchhiker's Guide (the white mice didn't come out
from nowhere!) bad SF. YMMV ;)

> Any intelligence behind evolution is both callous if not cruel, and
> kind of dumb.

<shrug> Not going into a discussion on the existence of a supreme being.
Just stressing out that science tries to explain how the world works
(whether on the subject of evolution or gravity) and never goes into
primal causes.

Which leaves me perplexed as to why people get all wound up on that
subject. Probably showing where my blind spots are.


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