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Sat Sep 10 20:21:01 BST 2011

The Tixie enters stage right, followed by two cats who are competing for  
her attention.
"Today is...."
"I want to do the dust this time!!  Me, me, me!!"  (Lucky)
"Stop it, you little pest!!  I do the dust!!  You couldn't even  lift the 
sack, let alone shake any dust out of it!!"  (Sunny)
"As I was saying," the Tixie glared at her two "assistants,"   "Today is 
the 33rd birthday of our list member Matthew Harrison, also known as  Dr. 
Nightfall.   We wish him all good birthday things--presents, good  food, good 
company, and cake.  We also wish him happiness and success in  his endeavors, 
whatever they may be."
"Sunny, will you quit squabbling with Lucky and give us some dust?   
<pause>  Thank you."
The Tixie waves her wand and sends the glittering dust on its way to. . .  .

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