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The Verse Daemon awoke, it's poetry, not song (yeah, I know, can't tell from 
email if something is song or verse sans-tune poesy....

[sending out now because email program has gotten screen graphics fail at 
the moment...   unfinished post...]

Whatever works whoever plays
The four or five gods with their ways
The Mother, Father, Daughter, Son
And there's there's the Dratsab who some shun....

Ye fruitful parents ye belong
To Mother or Father though legally wrong
The Son's or Daughter's devotees
In war and fighting or quietly.

And then there the Dratsab, hh cosmic joke!
Half-demon speaks up for those under the yoke
The misfits the dreamers who lives may astray,
The Dratsab awaits them to find a new way.

The Father the Mother the Daughter the son,
And then there the Dratsab in unholy fun.


What holds people to higher goals,
What drives their reactions and makes them pay tolls
What reward  or punishment motivates,
What threat, fame, or infamy their desire sates?

Perceptions hereafter or might there be none,
What's left that comes after or daughter or son
What remnants of glory or horror remain,
What keeps people righteous or sends them insane?

What threat of malignancy when they are dead
Or gone like a guttered flame all mem'ry fled
What deeds may live after or justice come late,
What  price is to uphold or run or  abate ?

What price is the glory what price is the pain
Wht price is belief in things some think inane
What evidence is there of worlds gone unseen
Of gods, demons, afterlife, what might they mean?

Belief is a structure, belief is a crutch
Belief twined  with justice, sometimes too much
Belief it is credo and values to hold,
Belief taught to infants and clung to when old.
Belief meets betrayal will credit come due
Bitter the feelings if   prove untrue
Testing the faithful for values
Some will chose blindnes or hypocrisy
Some will reject   violently.'
Some will drift aimless cut off from their moors,
Some will seek faiths and search for new doors
Some will take paper and nail to the door
Choosing defiance

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>Ezar felt free to order mass murder to fulfill his purposes, because he 
>believed (and prayed!)
>there was no God to judge him.  If I were an atheist, why on earth would I 
>care about the
>environment or anything else but my own aggrandisement and pleasure?

That old canard! if you truly believe that you would care only for your own 
aggrandizement and pleasure if it wasn't for god, that doesn't say much good 
about you or your priorities.

It is perfectly possible to be good without having a god to hold a 
carrot/stick over you. It's like the people who claim that they would be a 
rapist if they weren't afraid of some deity (yes, that's a real claim - 
google Vox Day).

You can choose to be good because it's simply the right thing to do, because 
it advances social cohesion, because it increases rather than decreases the 
general happiness.

You can choose to be bad for lots of religious reasons, too.  Google 
Fredrick Douglas' thoughts when, as a slave, his bad master converted to 
Methodism, and became even a worse master... but he had god's justification 
for it, so that made it all right.


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