[LMB] mostly OT: Turkey (and a very Milesian bit of Turkish history)

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Mon Sep 12 03:38:32 BST 2011

On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 7:01 PM, A. Marina Fournier <saffronrose at me.com> wrote:
>> He eventually ended up
>> commanding over fifty ships, which they only let him have if he went
>> with them and promised to pay for them if he broke any
> Uh, yeah. Did he break any?

I'm not sure. The coup the military was planning happened soon after
he got the ships and took out that government, and he was a hero by
the end of it all, so I don't think it ever came up. He got called
"Admiral" during it all, and it stuck. I think a lot of people assumed
he had some vaguely official US backing, which he didn't.

>> over a year or so rescued a truly vast number of people from historic Greek
>> settlements along Turkey's shoreline. He may well have (mostly, there
>> were still a whole lot of dead) prevented something on the scale of
>> the Armenian genocide from happening.
> Drop by drop can turn a mill...
>> After the war, the Greeks appointed him as their representative to
>> resolve POW issues. So did the Turks. This made his job a bit easier
>> than most negotiators.
> What became of him, do you know?

IIRC, after getting Greece's highest civilian and military decoration
at the same time and getting all the POWs sorted out, he went back to
Turkey and kept working. Not with the YMCA, since the area was rather
short of Christians by that time, but a similar organization.


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