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> Within a few miles of my home there are tens of thousands of young men (and
> with increasing
> frequency, young women also) who believe in nothing but themselves.  They
> care for nothing
> except themselves, and sometimes their gang.  If they see you are wearing a
> pair of shoes they
> want or driving a car they like, they will beat you viciously or kill you
> to take them.  Or sometimes
> just because they feel like it.  They do not fear punishment because there
> is little chance they
> will be caught, and even if they are, prison is a lark to them.
> Perhaps I'm philosophy-disabled, but please believe me that I'm not trying
> to offend
> you, but am really trying to understand you, when I ask you to explain to
> me
> why, under your view of the world, they should act differently, because I
> don't see it.

Chances are, if you asked them what religion they are or what they believe
in, they would either give you a blank stare or they would tell you they are
some form of mainstream Christianity.  Statistically speaking, they were
probably raised at least marginally in some Christian church.  They may very
well believe in a Christian God.  And then there are some that would say
they are atheists with as little thought as the ones who say they are


They don't think about it.  They don't think about the implications of their
actions if there really is a judging deity.  And the vast majority aren't
atheists in the sense of having actually thought about religious teachings,
whether or not they believe there really is a God, and what it means if
there isn't.

They're no more "true atheists" than they are "true Christians".



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