[LMB] Bringing it back to LMB [Was:OT: verging on forbidden territory: political]

Alexandra Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Mon Sep 12 04:12:42 BST 2011

> Ezar felt free to order mass murder to fulfill his purposes, because 
> he believed (and prayed!)
> there was no God to judge him.  If I were an atheist, why on earth 
> would I care about the
> environment or anything else but my own aggrandisement and pleasure?
> Mitch Miller

Ezar was (is? will be?)  something quite other than psychotic. He is a 
political realist with a sense of responsibility and fierce love for 
Barrayar. When people live through horrible and transfiguring times, it 
changes them. As a fat, dumb and happy American, possibly on the 
cauldron edge of destruction, in no way, shape or form can I even 
contemplate judging Ezar. He did what he could, and what he had to 
(notice the absence of the political officers?)

Monarchies may look solid and implacable to those who have never been 
monarchs. It sure doesn't look that way to monarchs.

""Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown."
"If I had known how much the people loved me, I would have come back 
sooner." Charles II
"I sometimes wonder what will happen to my children's body parts." Gregor

Alex H
the happy bourgeois

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