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Elin B elbju at yahoo.se
Mon Sep 12 19:36:27 BST 2011

Mitch Miller wrote:

MM> >> As I said before, we humans are
MM> >> generally pretty awful even WITH religion.?
MM> Without it, all I see is 
MM> >> Lord of the Flies.
MM> >> 
MM> >> Mitch Miller

EB> >Then you should come to Sweden, where 85 per cent of
EB> the population have been classified as atheist in some
EB> studies; in any case, >regular church-goers are very much
EB> a minority, and most people do not see religion as an
EB> important part of their lives. 
EB> >Oddly enough that does not mean we have no concept of
EB> kindness, decency, or justice. Nor would I say our society
EB> is particularly >Lord of the Flies-like.
> >Elin
MM> Good point.  Although I'm not sure that a modern
MM> Western culture, evolved out of a deeply religious
MM> tradition, is quite
MM> the same as the Babylonian Empire, Rome, or the 18th Street
MM> Crips.

Well... all of those things you cite come from deeply religious traditions, too. Babylon and ancient Rome were not primarily inhabited by atheists: indeed, I suspect atheists were quite rare within those populations, and that Rome had many more devoutly religious people than modern Sweden does. I'm not a Classicist, but superficial reading has given me the impression that Romans believed that in order to be a person of good ethical standing - a virtuous man or woman - you should give the gods their due and worship them faithfully. 


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